Tuesday, May 5, 2009


Ben and I have been wanting to redo our bedroom for about a year. Ok, technically it's more me that's interested in this project - Ben doesn't much care what a bedroom looks like, if left up to him, we'd probably be sleeping on an air mattress with a Yankees bedspread and crates for nightstands. I'm joking . . . kind of . . . yeah, not really ;)

Today, I wandered in to Bed, Bath and Beyond and found this Nicole Miller bedspread. It's the perfect grey color and the best part is it was on clearence. It's even the right size for our king size mattress that's apparently deeper than a normal king. Add in my 20% off coupon and I got a steal. Oh, it's even machine washable and will actually fit in our washer. Yahoo!

Then since I was so inspired, I had to stop by Lowe's and get a paint sample. I've got the paint color narrowed down to two choices. Both are silvery, grey colors. We have black nightstands and a black dresser. The tv has a silver frame and the lamps are also silver. The plan is silver, grey and black with another color to punch it up. I'm thinking an apple green color for summer and then maybe a purple for winter. I'd keep the color to a pillow or two and a couple of inexpensive accessories. I'm also going to do some black and white prints on the walls. I want something very relaxing and calm. It seems like our bedroom has become a storage area and a forgotten space. How sad is that?
Bye, bye messy, unloved bedroom. Hello pretty, lux space :)

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  1. Sounds awesome! I need you to come fix our space... our theme is "Preschooler Toy Explosion"-- pretty much in all rooms. Oh, or "Musician who Refuses To Put His Crap Away"... Or maybe "Book-lover who cannot part with anything after she's read it"... Hmm. We need help.