Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Window shopping

Miss J is sick and was home from school today. After she told me "Momma, I only feel kind of better when you sit next to me" that sealed it. I was on the couch with her for most of the day. Thank goodness for my favorite new toy - a Dell Mini9. Nothing like spending some time browsing Target.com for some decorating ideas.

I'm wondering how these panels would look on my patio door and large kitchen window. I need something there, especially in the winter.

Or there's the valance option. No draft stopping power with that tiny amount of fabric though.

I'm thinking this bookcase could be a perfect spot for all of my used bookshop finds. What I save on books, I could spend on this (or as Ben would point out, I could just pass on the $1 sale books. Boys are so silly.)
This is just lovely. No idea where I'd put it, but I'm sure it would look great where ever it landed.

And if I had room for it, I would love to have this in my foyer. Just enough storage in those two drawers and plenty of space on top for a cute basket for keys and sunglasses and some framed photos.

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