Monday, May 18, 2009

How did I not know about unbleached cotton?

I have a sweet table that's been passed along to us. If I remember correctly, at some point it was Ben's grandma's. It's definately showing it's age and is fairly beaten up and could use some painting or refinishing. Depite of that, I like it's shape and detail and it fills an empty spot in our living room nicely. Some day I'd like to rework it but the "to do" list is so long already.

To cover up some of the damage, I started out looking for burlap to make something like this. But then I spotted unbleached cotton. So casual and I love the texture of it. For $2.48 a yard, it was perfect.

So here's the sneaky part of the project - no sewing, just an iron and some hem tape. How easy is that!

So this runner cost a grand total of $3. I think I'm going to add a ribbon boarder to the ends. I'd love to add some fringe but the cat would chew it right off. It does cover some of the damage but you can see how uneven the finish is and some of the dings. It also looks like it's in desperate need of dusting - not sure what's up with that. I do dust. I swear :)

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