Wednesday, June 17, 2009

Off with their doors!

In theory, I like our white cabinets. They're easy to keep clean, they keep the kitchen looking bright and airy and I don't have to worry about the cabinet stain clashing with the wood (ok, laminate) floor stain. But the downside is those cabinets are a sea of white. With no suble variations in color/texture like wood, all that white gets to be a bit dull.

While browsing some wonderful blogs the other evening, I came across this kitchen update. In her third picture, you can see an open cabinet above the microwave. Perfect! A lovely and inexpensive way to break up all that white.

So the cabinet doors came off this morning. One problem though. The huge cord from the microwave.

It's not really finished yet but I think I like the concept. I stuck some things from around the house up there to get an idea of which I like better - decorative things or baskets. I'm leaning towards the baskets since they get bonus points because they would really hide the microwave cord. I need to measure the space though and get a couple that actually fit. I also like the idea of still having the storage space while bringing in some color and texture. Once I get it finalized, I'll post an update.


Yeah, I hate brass, can you tell? ;). But, despite my feelings towards the "maybe someone will think it's gold" finish, our house is loaded with it. Brass doorknobs, brass hinges, brass light fixtures in the halls, laundry room, walk-in closet and panty. And one big, old brassy light fixture in the kitchen. I hated it so much that just a few months after moving in and several times banging my head on it, we swagged it off to the side, about as close to the ceiling as we could get it. Sadly the "out of sight, out of mind" trick never really worked. It just looked even worse hanging in such a weird position. So, almost nine years later, in the interest of making some thrifty changes and learning to love what we have, we start another ode to spray paint.

First slip on some shades and look at the "before". (Confession - this isn't really our fixture. I had to snag it off of a building supply site. I was so swept up in the moment of changing this thing that I forgot to snap a proper before shot. Bad blogger!)
It's Brasstacular isn't it?
Now take a look at what a can of oil rubbed bronze spray paint can do. Oh my gosh, it's a hundred times better. I think I could make it look even less builder grade if I switch out the ribbed glass shades (are they called shades?) for something different.

Now I just have eight brass ceiling fixtures to spray paint from the halls, pantry, laundry room, etc. And then there's the little matter of the chrome (yeah, chrome, not brass) "hollywood vanity" lights in the bathrooms. No amount of spray paint can help those things . . .