Sunday, May 24, 2009

a changing table with a new identity

Oh I so love paint. It's wonderful how a few coats can take a former bland changing table (which technically was originally sold as a kitchen cart and has spent the last few years stuck in a closet storing odds and ends) . . .

A cabinet that has tons of practical storage potential . . .

To something much, much better looking and oh so useful for some additional kitchen storage.

Beside the paint, I changed out the wooden knobs for silver ones stamped with a fan pattern for the sweet price of $7.16 from the wonderful land of Target. Since I already had the black paint, this transformation only cost me a couple of hours of time (spread out over three days) and the cost of the knobs.

Yep, I definately love paint :)

***Oops, I should probably mention that in addition to painting, I did sand the heck out of this thing. I guess I'm so thrilled with the finished version, I forgot about that extra work that went in to it. So make that a couple of hours painting and a couple of hours sanding.

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