Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Trying my hand at a mistreatment

I'm so excited. I made my first window mistreatment just like Nester showcases here. That woman is the queen of mistreating windows and they all look fabulous. Before finding her blog, I actually thought I was doomed to whatever selection I could find at my local Target or Penny's. I had no idea something so easy could look so fabulous.

In planning my mistreatment for our small treadmill room/bonus room, I checked out the fabrics at Hancock Fabrics. Nothing seemed just right until I found the remnant table. Mounds of fabric for $7 a yard and it was on sale for half off. Perfect! For $3.50 I got a yard of this fabric.

Lovely isn't it? It's actual drapery fabric and had a nice weight to it without being too heavy. A must since I was hanging the mistreatment with tacks.

Did you think I was kidding? That's the beauty of a mistreatment. It's all tacks and glue and pins and yet it looks darn good up there on the window. And for those of us that have zero attention span, this is the perfect technique.

So I'll admit, my first try didn't look so great up there. In fact, it looked about what you would expect a rectangle of fabric tacked to the wall to look like. No problem though, just pop the tacks out of the wall and start over.

Ahhh, much better don't you think? It still needs some adjustments but considering the wonky ceiling angle and the lack of space on the right hand side of the window, I think it's working pretty well. I'm going to add some trim to the bottom too.

***People with real sewing skills turn away now***

Are they gone? Good. So where was I? Oh yes, the trim. It'll be hot glued on of course. I think it'll cover the straight pins serving as the fabric hem nicely.

Curses, it looks really uneven there doesn't it? I don't think it really is but there's definately something wrong with the way the edges are hanging. Must work on that . . .

And thus we finish with my final problem. The bench that I so lovingly recovered for our bedroom. It fits in that little nook perfectly. Doesn't this look like the most wonderful place to curl up with a book and a snuggly blanket? But it also looks soooo good at the end of our bed. I think the faux window seat look is going to win though. Sorry bedroom. Maybe there will be another bench for you someday.

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  1. Fabulous! I love that you "styled" your window seat with an open magazine. You rock!
    p.s. the word is apedlg, I'm certain that it's an item from IKEA.