Monday, November 2, 2009

Making over the master bedroom

Last year I decided it was time to paint the master bedroom. It took me ages to find a paint color that I liked. After painting the room grey-which-turned-out-to-be-baby-blue, my husband ended up picking this brown color. I'm not going to say that I should have let him pick the color a year ago but darn, I do love this color. It's dark and warm and oh so wonderful looking. These pictures don't do it justice.

The curtain are a steel blue color, found at Bed, Bath & Beyond. I like that they are lined and they have an additional fleece interlining to help block out light. They should keep the room a bit warmer this winter too. Personally, they remind me a bit of a big poofy prom dress when they're pulled back like that. They definately have some fullness to them.

The decorative pillows were found at Home Goods. For the sake of peace, I'm keeping the pillows to a minimum. I would like to add two or three Euro pillows though. I think they'd be great for leaning against while watching tv.

Needs a headboard doesn't it? My plan is to make one. I just have to find a fabric I like. Have you priced king size fabric covered headboards? Good grief, it's insane. I'm positive I can make one myself and then we can do some other project with the money saved.

New lamp shades are on the to-do list too. Or I might just recover those myself too. For now the standard white will have to do.

Still working on the top of the dresser. I would like to find another lamp to place to the right of the tv. The room definately could use the extra light and it would help soften the edge of the tv.

So, that's the redo so far. I still have an entire huge wall to find/make artwork for. And then there's the matter of the strange little alcove area behind the door. Regardless of those things, I am in love with this room. I've gone from wishing our bedroom was just a bit bigger to feeling like it's my favorite room in the house. Gotta love a great paint and some fabric - it can work wonders for a room.


  1. Tre' chic...magnifique and all those other french-type words. Great job, Miss Stylish. I'm totally looking forward to seeing what you come up with for a headboard.

  2. "Deplerne" was my word...what a drunk 'Tattoo' would say to Mr. Roark on Fantasy Island.