Monday, April 27, 2009

Road Trip

After a couple of hours of playing the "I don't know, what do you want to do?" game on Saturday morning, we threw some stuff together and headed out on a mini road trip. I'm so glad that we got out of the house and our little trip started to get us thinking about taking Miss J on a real road trip this summer. She was so amazed by the hills that we saw this weekend so we're thinking that we need to take her to see some mountains.

On our way back, we were behind these two road crew trucks that were spreading sand on the road. Since winter is long gone, and the area is very hilly and the roads are very curvy and kind of steep, I'm assuming it's to help with traction. If anyone knows, speak up. I tried google but couldn't find anything other than sanding for snow and ice.

Can you guess what these are the result of? Yep, this is what happens when we ask Miss J to take a picture of us. She was very busy stomping on acorn shells and obviously didn't have time for us. We had pulled over at one of those roadside scenic points and she had the best time there. Two days later, she's still talking about it. I love that no matter how eleborate the main plan for the day is, her favorite part always ends up being some little, simple thing.

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